dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Day 6: Our Last Day

Our last day in Namibia we spent by visiting Mother's Voice, a home providing lunch for 240 vulnerable children per day. Because of the holidays in this country we have not been able to see the work in progress, but we met the old grandma with the heart so big to take care of so many children. We visited her small house and kitchen in a poor Windhoek neighbourhood where she invites these kids in two large groups every school day. A truly amazing woman!
The afternoon was all about the beautiful country we have been driving around in the last 6 days. We were taken on a game drive and enjoyed nature to the fullest. Especially when our driver Armstrong prepared us drinks for sunset in the middle of the bush and we were accompanied by a rhinoceros family.
At diner we reviewed our week in Namibia with Maritjie and Tania. It was a very special week, we ended it with a very special diner all together. We love to thank all beautiful children, mothers and their care takers we met over the last few days. We learned so much and you opened our hearts. Many many thanks!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I was so busy these past few days I didn't take time to read the blogposts. All the things you can experience in only 6 days make an average week over here in Amsterdam seem like a walk in the park. The way you describe what you've seen and experienced; it's filled with emotions, but without a false note. My compliments! Please don't feel too bad about leaving them behind, because I'm convinced you are taking them with you in your thoughts.

  2. thanks for sharing these great pics, very inspiring