donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Day 2: An Impressive Day - Part 2

The afternoon we spent at Ehalelo Koo Meme (Hope for Mothers), a visit to the maternity ward in the local hospital and a home visit, all at Rehoboth. Lunch was prepared for us by the women at the EKM centre on a special oven that works on sun heat only. A great invention! (It's the silver 'bowl' on the pictures). The women in the project participate in group activities like needlework, beading, cooking and so on. Of course we had to do some jewelry shopping! The maternity ward in the hospital and the children's department showed us hopeful scenes of newborns and their proud moms, but also sad scenes of very sick and lonely babies. At the end of the day we met a deaf and dumb lady who adopted three beautiful orphans in their home. A good story full of hope to end the day with. Today Namibians celebrate their heroes. We have been so lucky to meet quite a few of these heroes today.

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