zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Day 4: A Cheerful Day

Today we visited Hope Village, a fantastic accommodation for orphans and vulnarable children, run by the even more fantastic Mariki, Tania and their staff. After the tough and heavy emotions of the day before, we were happy to fall into this pool of love, cheerfulness and structure. The children behaved so good, they came up to us, embraced us, ask questions, they were so loving and polite, they are full of life, willing and trying to make the best of it. Altough all of them have a bad history, they are in a good place now. We are so proud of Mariki and Orange Babies to have reached this at Hope Village.
Today our fashion show was planned. So we laid out all the clothes in the boys house, dressed the ± 50 childeren one by one and styled their new outfits. Our top makeup artist John Kattenberg provided the girls with makeup tips and spray painted the boys faces beautifully. Every fashion show has a challenge. Our Hope Village show's challenge turned out to be the sound system. At every fashion show the challenge gets mastered, also this one. We had our fashion show with 50 models, 5 dancers and loud music turned into a great party! It was a beautiful day, a lovely day, we felt so much at home at Hope Village. We thank all the gorgeous models and the staff for having fun with us today.

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