donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Day 2: An Impressive Day - Part 1

This morning we drove off to the first project: Witkop, a children's home outside Rehoboth, Orange Babies is supporting now for two years. After a warm welcome from about 80 kids, we were shown around their 'houses'. A lot of help -financially- is still needed in Witkop! What a contrast is was to be in their bedrooms with almost nothing in it, feeling sad and shocked about the conditions these kids have to live in, and hear them sing happily and beautifully in their community room at the same time. These children showed us so much joy for life, while they would have had any reason to be sad and complain. What a big lesson of life! The children sang for us, there was some warm and loving speeches, John handed over the chairs and tables Orange Babies bought for their hostel and at last we divided the clothes we brought amongst the children. We all hope Orange Babies will have the chance to do more in Witkop; create more space, more warmth, better hygiene. But Witkop is a loving and safe house for these kids, which was so good to see.

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  2. Having so little makes you appreciate the big little things in life so much more. Like singing, dancing, friendship.....
    I'm glad you are there to witness that. Try to keep looking at it from a positive perspective and take it home with you.
    The kids look brilliant by the way with their new outfits! Good on you all.